Temporary Employees for Massachusetts and Rhode Island Manufacturers

Welcome to the website of Amado Enterprises, where We specialize in providing Massachusetts and Rhode Island Manufacturing Businesses of all types with temporary employees.

Our scope is firmly fixed on manufacturing businesses, Such as food manufacturers / food processing plants, product manufacturers, warehouses, factories, and similar. These companies use us because our temporary employees are verified, high-quality workers that get the job done, at a considerable savings over full-time employees (because they do not require any manner of payroll expense).

The benefits to utilizing our temporary employees are numerous:

  • Lower costs than hiring employees yourself (no taxes, benefits, workman’s comp, etc.)
  • Able to fill large orders / seasonal variances.
  • Trust – our temporary employees are verified as employment eligible.
  • Drug testing / background checks available.
  • We make it easy to manage your working staff – no layoffs, and no mass hires. Just contact us, and tell us what you need.
We service manufacturers of any size in and around Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If we can help you in any way, just call us at 617.282.6313, or e-mail us here.


We check all employees placed by our company through the E-Verify Employment Eligibility verification system of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

This ensures you are getting quality, verified employees that you can trust in your place of business.