About Us

Amado Enterprises has been in business since 1997, serving Manufacturers and Food Processors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, and an unrivaled expertise in providing manufacturers with high-quality temporary employees.

A Focus on Manufacturing

One aspect that really sets us apart is the fact that we only work with manufacturing businesses – e.g., Product Manufacturers, Food Manufacturers / Food Processors, Factories, Warehouses, and similar… manufacturers of all sizes as well (from 20 people to 20,000). We provide these businesses with all manner of temporary employees, from general line work / machine operators to janitorial staff to forklift drivers (and everything in between). Our job is to supply you with the most consistent, competent, and trained staff possible. We also understand the demands of the manufacturing industry and recognize that sometimes, a good number of staff is needed very quickly (a new customer placing a large order, seasonal variances in product runs, etc.) For this reason, we have a reserve staff that is able and willing to go at a moment's notice. We are also available 24 hours a day, and can offer onsite supervision if necessary. Again, we know manufacturers, and can provide you with an exceptional staff, at a moment’s notice.

Temporary Employee Benefits

Companies call on us because using temporary employees has several benefits:

  • No payroll expenses
  • No taxes / worker’s comp / health benefits / liability insurance / etc.
  • Employees are verified employment eligible. Drug testing / background checks available.
  • No hiring process and no layoffs. Increase and decrease staff at a moment’s notice, with no hard feelings or disgruntled workers.

The Professional Service You Expect

We’re ready to work with you, on your terms. Just contact us, and we’ll setup an appointment to come out, look over your operation, assess your needs, and provide a cost-effective staffing solution that will enable you to operate at the capacities you need. In addition, our office staff is proficient in Portuguese and Spanish and speaks Cape Verdean Creole.


We check all employees placed by our company through the E-Verify Employment Eligibility verification system of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

This ensures you are getting quality, verified employees that you can trust in your place of business.